Awesome Sauce has an endless variety of ways to use the sauce – not only to make any bloody mary great, but to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods.

  • Use it as a condiment for hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwich, fish sandwich, fries, chips, cocktail sauce, oysters, chicken wings, chicken fingers, omelets
  • Use it to spice up drinks – bloody mary’s, bloody maria’s
  • Mix it in with rice, soups, sauces, hummus, dips, stews
  • Add it in with deviled eggs, cornbread, dips
  • Put it on your favorite food – steak, pork, tuna, chicken, fish, salmon, oysters, shrimp, mussels, grilled vegetables, eggs
  • Cook with it – marinate shrimp, pork/chicken kabobs

And the list goes on – what can you think to put it on – send us your ideas, recipes and pictures –

See How People Are Using Awesome Sauce

Our truly “awesome sauce” was originally created as a Bloody Mary kicker. Tiki George’s Buffalo-Horseradish Sauce has been a total hit, not just in a Bloody Mary but on food as well.

Our uniquely flavored sauce can be used on a variety of foods – including steak, pork, burgers, chicken, shrimp, oysters, french fries, tortilla chips, eggs and any other food that requires a delicious flavor “kick.”

Click on the images below to see Tiki George’s Buffalo-Horseradish Sauce in action!