The Bottling Process

Tiki George’s Awesome Sauce botting process begins in a clean FDA approved facility where the sterilized bottles are aligned and prepared to go through the processing line. The sauce is pasteurized and heated to 180 degrees to ensure safety and quality.

Each bottle of Awesome Sauce is pneumatically filled to the proper amount using our 4-head system behind a plexiglass shield. The filled bottles move to the capping machine where they receive a safety liner and a cap is spun on. Next, a worker checks for proper fit and tightness. Further down the line the bottles of Awesome Sauce head towards the cooling chamber. In the cooling chamber the bottles drop down to 40 degrees, this ensures proper food safety procedures. Here the workers apply the protective sleeve, and then the bottles enter into the heating tunnel. They come out the other side, safe and secure. One by one, each bottle gets labeled identifying at as Tiki George’s Awesome Sauce.  Workers then box, tape and stack each case preparing it to be shipped to you…next stop – Flavortown!